16-17 BeHIP Year Coming to a Close

Just a reminder that all activities must be completed by today.  Any activities that require paperwork to be turned in, such as annual physical, medical condition verification form or weight management, can still be turned in by August 11th.  The activity must have been completed by July 31st.  There are no exceptions to these to deadlines.  All paperwork must be in my hand by 4pm on August 11th.  So if you are not sure whether the mail will make it there, please drop it off in my office, email it, or fax to 570-567-1513.

All file information that you send to me will be turned into Health advocate on August 14th.  I should have my final report for the 16-17 BeHIP year around August 18th and I will submit incentives from that report.  So all Gold, Silver and Bronze point levels will be submitted.  You should received your reimbursement in a September paycheck.

Thank you for participating and looking forward to the 17-18 BeHIP year.

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