16-17 BeHIP Program

Welcome to the 16-17 BeHIP wellness program.  We are excited to have the new platform and new activity choices for you to complete online!  Below is also the program guide which you can print out if needed.

Information documents below:

Online Tracker minimum Standards
WorkSite Events Point Totals
Wellness Incentive Program Guide
Point System for Trackers


Verification documents below:

Annual Physical Verification

Medical Condition Management Verification

Worksite events will be reported to HealthAdvocate by Carmen Terry.  Once they are uploaded into the system, the points will be loaded on your site.  

The online wellness platform is open. Please follow the directions below for access.  It is open for all insured employees and their spouses.

Login Directions:

Go go Healthadvocate.com (do not use the previous members.healthadvocate.com)

Click on Member login up top right or down below in middle

Use Organization LCIC (do not put school anymore)

Type in your username and password

If you are having difficulty, please try using another browser.  If that doesn’t work, please contact 1-866-695-8622.  That is the health advocate number and they should be able to help you.