2019-2020 Why Be Healthy? Energy, Sleep, Disease prevention…

Welcome to the 2019-20 BeHIP Why Be Healthy year!  Going into our 8th year of wellness for the LCIC makes me so happy.  Over the last 8 years, I have seen so many employees make serious changes to their health.  Many have reduced or eliminated medications from their daily routine, many people have lost 1,000s of pounds (yes that is accurate), many have been able to detect an illness through our health screenings before it became a chronic condition and a couple people have found a serious medical issue that was able to be treated before it caused serious health complications!  I love what I do and I love interacting with all of you.  The many emails I get from people that have seen significant health benefits from participating makes my job so worthwhile.  I hope that if you are new or are a veteran employee and have finally decided to participate that you find as much worth in this program as I have in working with you!

We made some simple changes this year to the program.  We kept all four levels again this year and the platinum requirements are still there.

The platinum level requires a signed document that tells me you are trying to attain that level of 900 points and must be turned into me by 12/1/2019.  The program guide below explains the point system and the levels.  *If you are a new employee or newly insured after 12/1, you are eligible for platinum but the form must be turned in.  

Wellness Program Guide for BeHIP 19-20

Platinum level form

Healthy benchmarks-Cholesterol 200 or below or HDL/Total ratio 4.5 or less

Glucose-100 or below, or A1C of 7.0 or below

BMI of 26.0 or below

Blood Pressure of 130/80 or below (new AMA recommendation)



Cervical Cancer Screening verification

Chronic Medical condition verification

Colonoscopy Exam

Dermatology Examination Verification

Mammogram screening verification

Prostate screening exam verification

Vision exam verification

Worksite events (biometric screenings, annual physical, healthy benchmarks, dental) will be reported to HealthAdvocate by Carmen Terry once per month.  Once they are uploaded into the system, the points will be loaded on your site.  Annual physical and medical condition verification forms must come to me using the information below.  All other preventative exams, must be uploaded into the health advocate website.

Carmen Terry, Health and Wellness Coordinator,

BLaST IU 17, PO Box 3609,

Williamsport, PA 17701

Fax is 570-320-1348 or emailed to cterry@iu17.org


Workplace Event Pts Information

The online wellness platform is open. Please follow the directions below for access.  It is open for all insured employees and their spouses.

Login Directions:

Go go Healthadvocate.com

Click on Member login up top right or down below in middle

Use Organization LCIC.   If you are having difficulty, please click on Not my Organization and make sure you are on LCIC.

Type in your username and password

New Registrants:

Follow the same directions as above and when it asks for username and password, click Register.

Then it will ask you a series of questions that you will need to fill out.

If you are having difficulty, please try using another browser.  If that doesn’t work, please contact 1-866-695-8622.  That is the health advocate number and they should be able to help you.