2020-21 Embrace Your Path

Welcome to Embrace Your Path! With the new wellness year, we have retired our BeHIP Bee to have a more modern edge and new understanding of what wellness is to you. Wellness is different for everyone. For some it could focus on nutrition and exercise, for some it could mean getting more or better sleep, or decreasing stress, getting more family time and for others it could mean mindfulness or creating more social connections. Whatever it means to you is the path you can take. We will have several options this year for LCIC Health courses, such as cooking, sleep, exercise, possibly some yoga and breathing which can be done in person or on zoom. Embrace Your Path will retain the same levels, but we have added a couple more activities, most importantly the referral program for points. For this year if you refer another employee (cannot be your spouse) and it can be from your school district/Penn College or another district/Penn College you and your referral will receive points for this program as long as you both finish at least the bronze level. The idea is to get involved and to help each other along in the process. The employee who you refer must not have participated in the 19-20 year.

Embrace Your Path Program Guide

Below are the forms you can use for the Embrace Your Path Program

Annual Physical Verification

Breast Cancer Screening Form

Cervical Cancer Screening Form

Colonoscopy Screening From

Dermatology Screening Form

Prostate Cancer Screening Form

Vision Screening Form

Platinum Level Form

Referral Form for Employees

Healthy Benchmarks for Screenings:

BMI <26.0

Blood Pressure <130/80

Cholesterol <200 or HDL/Total Ratio of <4.5

Glucose of <100 or A1-C <5.7