April Fool’s??

As we are all now in the  middle of our 3rd week working from home, which by the way for me has gone fast (I know, put me in a straight jacket-I get it), but it really has.  I have stuck to a schedule which again I have worked from home before, so it’s easy, but as I look at news headlines in the paper and sometimes in the actual tv news, it seems like this is the worst April Fool’s joke ever!  But as you know I love to look at the positive of every situation, we shouldn’t lose our sense of humor.  Yesterday, which looking back should’ve been today, my husband was in our bathroom shaving (with an electric razor or that could’ve been deadly) when I burst in the door and scared the crap out of him.  He wasn’t too happy at first but then he smiled.  By now, my family should be used to this.  I have been doing this all their lives, lurking behind doors, crouching behind couches and even waiting in the dark in their room to scare them.  Probably more for my enjoyment, but I always get a smile and a laugh out of them!  One time I did that last year and my now college son, picked me up and put me on the couch. Which of course he got a kick out of because he is much larger than I.  But we should be smiling and finding the humor in life to get us through tough times!

Last night before game night, my two teenagers were trying to play baseball in the kitchen with a foil ball and tongs and of course I am trying to get them them to clean up.  But we are all laughing at the comedy going on in our house.  Over the years, there has never been a lack of laughing in our house.  They have even tried to scare mom, but it’s hard to do!  So when you are in your houses with your family or zooming with friends or coworkers, find the highlights, find the humor and laugh about them.  And it’s never too late to play an April Fool’s joke, even a day or two late.

So Smile and Stay Sane (so you’re not in a straight jacket)