Penn College BeHIP/Health Advocate Wellness Survey

Welcome to your Penn College BeHIP/Health Advocate Wellness Survey

This survey will help shape the future of the BeHIP and Health Advocate program, please take the time to submit this survey, responses are due by March 31st.


Where do you work?
What is your age range
Male or Female
Position held at school
How long have you been with the district/college?

BeHIP Program

This section is specifically about BeHIP and Wellness activities
Do you participate in BeHIP (if no, skip to Section 4.)
How many years have you participated in BeHIP/Wellness program
Why do you participate in the program?
Please rate the importance of each area of BeHIP
Diverse activities for points
Incentives given
Online program
Improved Health
Awareness of Health issues (biometric screenings)
Flu shots onsite
What activities do you participate in?
Online Personal Health profile
Biometric Health screening
Annual physical
Flu shot
Any preventative exams
Physical Activity
Educational program (online or presentations)
Healthy Benchmarks
Medical condition Management
Weight Management
Health Trackers online
Tobacco attestation form online
Are there any other activities that should be included in the program?
If you use the health trackers, which do you use for points?
Time exercised
Distance Exercised
Water consumed
Fruits/Vegetables consumed
Do you have a personal tracker or app that uploads data for you?
Are there any other health trackers you would like to see in the program?
What tools do you use for information about the program?
Would you attend before/after school presentations at the beginning of the year to learn about the program?
Would you be willing to be a wellness champion for your school?
How can we communicate better with you about these programs?
What type of other programming would you like to see either before/after school? (Check all that apply)
What time of day could you attend programming/activities? (check all that apply)
Please rate how helpful our current programs have been in helping you reach your current wellness goals.
Do you feel the culture at your district/college is supportive in improving your health?

Health Advocate

Please answer these questions regarding the online Health Advocate platform
Do you like the online platform for wellness incentives through Health Advocate
Do you feel the login process was easy?
If it wasn't easy, did you check for specific login directions to log on?
Did HA recognize you or your spouse?
Did you find the Health Advocate site:
Easy to use
Self explanatory
Visually appealing
Easy to use on devices, (phone, ipad)
Has good health information

Please skip this section if you participate in BeHIP.

If you do not participate in BeHIP,  please check why?
Do you still participate in the Biometric screening if you don't participate in BeHIP wellness program?
Are there any barriers that prevent you from participating in the BeHIP program (check all that apply)

Biometric Screening

With regards to the biometric screenings, please answer the following questions. If you do not participate in the biometric screenings, please skip this section.
Is the registration process easy?
Are appointment times convenient:
Do you feel the biometric screening process is easy and fast?
Would you rather have them done early morning at your building location:
With regards to results:
Do you have them sent to your physician
Do you feel like results are private
Do you like having the information packet that goes with results
Do you use results for BeHIP
Do you like being sent a hard copy
What can we improve upon with biometric screenings?

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