What can you and I do?

In this time of social distancing, it doesn’t mean that you cannot go out for a walk and soak up the sunshine.  It means keep connected with your friends and family on social media, facetime, instagram or whatever else you are on to connect to people.  (My kids laugh and say “mom’s on the gram!”)  Just today I sent a text out to my very best friends all in one group.  I wanted to know how they were doing, how they were coping, what their kids were doing (some of them have kids all across the country working), but it helps to let them know I care and want to know.  One of my friends has been fighting a little anxiety knowing her parents have been stuck in another country trying to get home-they found out today they are on a plane back home.  It helps to connect and talk about your feelings, if you are anxious, if you need help with something, tell someone!  I found out last night that my brother and my brother in law will be out of job on Friday as they both work for the same small business in Ohio.   Even though I don’t live close, I can still connect with them and offer a listening ear.  Part of what makes a great community is we look out for one another.  When I went to get the paper this morning, there was a note on my door from a neighbor down the street letting us know that if we are elderly or immuno-compromised to give her a call and she will help out with grocery or pharmacy runs or anything else we need.  In these trying times of keeping our physical distance, it doesn’t mean we cannot connect.  Reach out to your friends, make a phone call, send a text or a message on facebook; reach out to your neighbors or coworkers and let them know you are there!  You may connect with someone who needs something right at that moment and you just made their day by asking.  And just to make your health and wellness coordinator happy, go for a walk!!  You have no excuses now!  Take care, be safe, wash your hands and know that I am there with you.  And if you need a listening ear, email me at cterry@iu17.org, and I can always call you if you need someone to talk to.