LCIC Health Courses-These courses all qualify you for the platinum level.

Learn to Workout at Home with Travis Krall (not a zoom course)

This presentation will be focused on working out at home and how to get the most out of your home workouts with minimal equipment. We will discuss exercise selection, technique, and how to progress or regress certain movements based on your own individual needs.
If you can, please bring a mat and/or weights/bands so the instructor can demo moves and make sure you are doing them correctly. They can be small weights/bands.

Thursday, April 25th, 5-6:00pm, 2400 Reach Rd, Williamsport. (Please note the date change, original class was April 4th)

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Healthy Eating on a Budget with Brianna Thomas (not a zoom course)

This class will help you learn how to eat healthy on a budget and also includes meal prepping and how to shop at the grocery store.

Tuesday, May 7th 5-6:00pm, 2400 Reach Rd, Williamsport

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