Sleep Survey Through Geisinger Wake Up and Learn

This is the link to the Combined Sleep Questionnaire survey. After completing the survey, you are given immediate feedback as to whether your responses indicate a high or low risk for sleep problems. Those in the high-risk category will be given the opportunity to complete a more comprehensive online survey (Alliance Sleep Questionnaire, ASQ). The ASQ, which is reviewed by a program-affiliated sleep professional, allows for the identification of specific sleep pathology, and includes depression and anxiety screeners. Participants are sent a personalized letter outlining the finding of the ASQ and offering strategies to address the identified sleep problem(s). (This is a confidential program-no one will know the results of your surveys except the Geisinger Wake Up and Learn Team).

You will receive 75 points for participating in the sleep survey program if you are participating in the Embrace your path wellness program. The Combined Sleep questionnaire survey must be completed by October 31st.

You can either click the link or use the QR code to take the survey!