A dog? Really?

So we do not have a dog, although my kids have been asking for a dog for years.  To be honest, I love dogs, but we travel too much to own one and we aren’t home a lot during the times we aren’t traveling.  I certainly wouldn’t want to subject a dog to that lifestyle.  My kids have tried to force this issue for the last 5 weeks, but without success.  I told them it might be possible to foster a dog, but not own one.  So maybe, but then again, not sure how our two cats would feel about that.  We have very good friends that also travel and we actually watch their dog at our house and our cats are fine with it.  But our cats also know Abby.  I have seen neighbor upon neighbor walking by my dining room window and I am pretty sure every one of them owns a dog.  Well at least most of them do and my kids have benefited from the dog sitting jobs over the years, not now of course.  At least my husband is on my side, so we have 2 vs 2.  Thank goodness if it were 3 v 1 that wouldn’t end of good for me as I know who would end up taking care of this dog.  You know that the kids have argued that they would take care of it, but the true question is, who is walking the dog at 6am in the dead of winter and cold-NOT THIS MAMA.  To which my 16 year old daughter said, we can just put up an invisible fence-Really and who is paying for that?  I am going to write a new book called “Questions asked during Quarantine.”

So for all of you who own pets, including dogs, I am sure you are really enjoying yourself having a faithful companion.  Cats-not so much, in fact I think they are annoyed we are all home.  Go figure!