A New Certainty?

So for all of our uncertainty in the last few weeks, what has become certain for you?  It’s an interesting question, I know.  Are you certain of finding cleaning products and toilet paper in the stores and for me, it’s actually been cat food-and those are all uncertain for sure.  And with the Governor’s announcement today, that uncertainty has been moved to certain that we will not be in our school buildings/educational facilities for the rest of this academic year, but the uncertainty about how that will look from now until June is still uncertain.

What I want you to focus on is this-what do you truly know?  We know that our friends and families are still there and that they love us and we love them.  We know that we have been forced into a new reality of spending more time with our families/loved ones and that is actually a good thing.  We know that our lives will change, but what makes this even more valuable and certain is that I believe it’s for the better.  We have unequivocally been spending time creating “busy” whether it’s our activities, our children’s activities or maybe even work, but we now have the chance to “do better”.  As someone who has definitely been party to the schedule of activities, this was my chance to gather my thoughts and focus on the important.  My family is important, my friends are important and yes all of you are important to me too.  When I took this job in 2012, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, I had lots of ideas and things I wanted to accomplish and this was a brand new position, but over these last 8 years, I believe this was my purpose-to help employees live their best life.  If you think that sounds a little corny, I don’t care, because I have always had a job serving other people-as an athletic trainer, as a health advocate and now as a wellness coordinator and a health and wellness coach.  It is very important to me that others see the value in their lives as I see their value!  You are valuable and important and I know that at this time of uncertainty, I know that for certain.  So take a look around you and find out what you know, what is certain and how you can take that into your future (post-pandemic).  I know many of you have heard me say that I value you and I truly do because being the product of two teachers-one an elementary school music teacher (my mom) and a high school music teacher (my dad), it was not in the cards for me to teach in a school.  I admire you and envy you for all that you do for our schools no matter what position you hold and I admire you for what you are capable of doing especially now!  Keep up the fantastic work you do and know for certain-YOU ARE AMAZING!!