Sleep Survey Through Geisinger Wake Up and Learn

This is the link to the Combined Sleep Questionnaire survey. After completing the survey, you are given immediate feedback as to whether your responses indicate a high or low risk for sleep problems. Those in the high-risk category will be given the opportunity to complete a more comprehensive online survey (Alliance Sleep Questionnaire, ASQ). The ASQ, which is reviewed by a program-affiliated sleep professional, allows for the identification of specific sleep pathology, and includes depression and anxiety screeners. Participants are sent a personalized letter outlining the finding of the ASQ and offering strategies to address the identified sleep problem(s). (This is a confidential program-no one will know the results of your surveys except the Geisinger Wake Up and Learn Team).

You will receive 75 points for participating in the sleep survey program if you are participating in the Embrace your path wellness program. The Combined Sleep questionnaire survey must be completed by October 31st.

You can either click the link or use the QR code to take the survey!




Health Advocate

Several people emailed me about losing points overnight. Health advocate is updating their system as our trackers were not calculating properly, they were undercalculating. So please check back next week as the system should be done updating. Thank you for your patience ad understanding.

Calm App Survey

Please remember to fill out the 6 question survey to gauge interest in the calm app for employees. It’s due on Friday, September 16th.

The Calm app would be for benefit eligible employees so even for people who do not take the health insurance, but are eligible to. Calm is a global mental health solution that supports employee mental well-bring through clinically proven outcomes like better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety and improved mindfulness. Calm’s comprehensive, diverse and highly accessible mental wellness resources are designed to support a broad spectrum of needs across our population.

The platform contains; meditation, sleep, music, mindfulness, masterclasses, meditation for kids, the daily calm, calm body and the daily move and much more.

Health Kids Running Series Registration

Healthy Kids Running Series is a five (5) week running program in the spring and fall for kids Pre-K through 8th grade. Each HKRS Series takes place once a week and offers age appropriate running events including the 50 & 75 yard dashes, the 1/4 mile, the 1/2 mile and the 1 mile run. Kids compete each week for a chance to earn points. At the end of the Series the boys and girls who accumulate the most points in their respective distances are awarded trophies.  All participants receive a medal on Week 5!

The registration fee covers the entire five (5) weeks of the Series which includes race bibs for each week, a runner shirt, a finisher medal and any sponsor giveaways. Registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Online Early Bird registration is $40.00 and then increases to $45.00 three weeks prior to the first race event. Race day walk up paper registration forms are $50.00.

Share your running photos with our community! Find us on Facebook @HealthyKidsRunning or Instagram @healthykidsrs! 


Make up Health Screenings

Just a reminder that this year we have three make up screenings or re-screenings:

Saturdays on January 15th, February 19th and March 26th. Those are the only three health screenings we will have for make up screenings or re-screenings. So please plan accordingly and make sure you are signed up for one of these.

Welcome to a new year of wellness

Embrace Your Path wellness starts on August 1, 2021 and runs until July 31, 2022. We have a couple new features this year for points, so make sure you click on the tab 21-22 Embrace Your Path for all program details. I would also like to welcome back all our faculty, staff and administrators and I know this year will be great. I always feel like my new year starts in August and not in January, I think because I have always been involved in some sort of education from my own schooling, to my career as an athletic trainer, my career as a health and wellness coordinator and most certainly because my kids are still in school. So this new beginning can be filled with wonder, excitement and challenges, but we only grow from challenging ourselves. So welcome back and I am so excited to see you soon!

Covid19 Vaccine-2nd Dose

On Friday afternoon, I had an appointment to receive my second dose of the Covid19 vaccine and it went as smoothly as the first. I signed in, got my card filled out and received the vaccine. After receiving the vaccine, I went to another room to wait out my 15 minutes. I didn’t really expect any reactions as I didn’t have any on the first dose and I was right. After my 15 minutes were up, I went home. Within a couple hours my arm was sore again, completely expected as that happened with the first dose.

On Saturday morning I got up, felt fine except for my arm being super sore and went to work out. I figured the more I can move my arm the better off I will be. I went about my normal business on Saturday, going to the market after workout and coming home to clean. I was pretty excited at about 21 hours post vaccine that I was feeling good. I have heard many people running fevers and generally feeling bad for about 24 hours after the vaccine.

Around 26 hours post vaccine (5pm), I had a slight headache and took my temperature which registered 99.9. I am not much of a medicine taker at all, so I didn’t take anything for it. I knew this was my body’s way of boosting my immune system so I am a firm believer in letting my body do it’s job. I was able to eat normal and truly didn’t feel sick, just a headache. (I did keep taking my temperature every 90 minutes just to be sure it didn’t go higher.) By the time I went to bed around 10pm, my body temperature was back to 98.6 and although my headache was still slight, I felt fine.

On Sunday, I woke up with no elevated temperature and no headache. And I felt fine the entire day. I am happy I was able to receive the vaccine when I could and happy to do my part in helping to stop this dreadful illness. I also felt it was easy decision to make after having Covid19. So if you have any questions about the illness or the vaccine, I am happy to discuss it with you! Stay Safe and Stay Well!